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If these words mean to you what they mean to me, you will be voting to re-declare your independence this year. By voting for Independents.

Minnesota Debt Clock

This is what the MN GOP and MN DFL have given us.  It's time to say we've had enough!  Clearly, they are two sides of the same coin.  I'll let you judge that coins worth.  My math says about 84 cents on the dollar. 


It's time to vote Independent!

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The Issues


As a former school board member, with five young grandchildren, Myron knows the challenges of providing our students a top tier education at a reasonable cost.  We can do better for less money. We need to implement innovative approaches that yield greater positive outcomes.   

The 2nd Amendment

The right to keep and bear arms protects our freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.  Your family's safety, welfare, and freedom is contingent upon a strong 2nd Amendment. Myron understands, and will protect, your right to ensure the safety and welfare of self and loved ones.  Your candidate has taken the oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution as a Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, MN State Trooper, and as an elected school board member.  It is an oath he takes seriously.  The Constitution, and its Bill of Rights, will not be infringed. 

Agriculture and Business

Our rural areas need government that fosters the growth of our farms and  businesses.  Less regulatory interference, and greater access to  markets, is imperative to the future success of our rural areas.  Myron understands these issues and will fight for your success.   


We need to work to move Minnesota, from the ranks of the highest taxed, to a level fair to its citizens.  A reduction in redundancy, unfunded mandates, and Met Council overreach is a priority.  Limiting eminent domain rights to school and road projects is favored. 

Refuge Resettlement & Immigration

Refugees, and the ensuing secondary migration, are burdening our cities, counties, and taxpayers. We lack coherent policy.  Schools are  distressed with limited English proficiency, falling test scores and growing disciplinary problems.  

Governor Dayton allowing illegal  immigrants onto our State run and taxpayer funded health insurance is  driving social service spending out of control.  The state's encouragement of illegal immigration, refugee resettlement, and secondary migration must be addressed. 

Availability of Minnesota's generous public assistance programs to refugee and illegal communities must be reformed.

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