About HD15B Candidate Myron Wilson

Judy and Myron at Coyote Moon

 Celebrating Myron's 65th birthday with his Aunt and Uncle, Bert and Ellen Howe.  

I was born and raised in Orrock Township.

I have held positions of leadership and community service my entire life.

  1. Starting as President of the FFA in High School.
  2. I was a founding member of the Zimmerman Ambulance Service in the early '70s.
  3. I was a youth snowmobile safety instructor.
  4. I assisted  with youth firearms training.
  5. I coached first through seventh grade  basketball.
  6. I was active in a Community Playhouse through church.
  7. I have a commercial pilots license with advanced ratings for fixed and helicopters.
  8. I taught aviation sciences at the University of MN.
  9. I flew air ambulance for the UMN.
  10. I worked 3 years at the State Reformatory in St Cloud.
  11. I served 23 years in Law Enforcement as a Police officer, Deputy Sheriff and State Trooper.
  12. I owned several businesses with my Wife. We employed 7 people at one time.
  13. I was instrumental in forming a tax increment finance district to spur commercial development in a rural township.
  14. I was elected a school board member and then elected treasurer. In that position, I guided the school district from the edge of collapse back to a fiscally solid standing.

My wife, Judy, and I have been married 44 years.  Our 2 children, and 5 Grand children, are a constant reminder of the importance of being a pro-life candidate.

As the only candidate who has served in an elected position, and with a lifetime of community service, I welcome the opportunity to serve you in the pursuit of community betterment .

Let me put my experience to work for you!

Thanks for Your Vote