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Wednesday Oct. 31, 2018


You may have gotten a mailer recently that appears to show Karla Scapanski and I working together and smearing Shane Mekeland.

This could not be further from the truth. I did not consent to this mailer before it came from the St. Paul politicians to our homes.

I denounce and detest this negative campaign tactic! I will not be painted as partisan by either party.

Although I have had knowledge of Shane Mekeland's history with alcohol for nearly two years, my campaign has not and never will use it against him. We wish him and his family the best during his time of struggle.

This mailer is the exact thing I am rallying against, unlimited special interest money being used to maintain or gain political power and control.

Both parties are spending huge sums of money to defeat me. The most logical reason is their internal polls show me winning.

Please vote for me so we can try and put an end to the kind of garbage displayed on that mailer.

Let's re-declare our independence and make a real difference in St. Paul!

Vote Independent Myron Arthur Wilson for 15B.

Monday Oct. 22, 2018

Myron Arthur Wilson is running as an independent to rally support to fix the current system.  It is broken and failing we the people of this great state. Below are a few of the reasons why:

Legislators wrote the law to give political party leaders unlimited access to special interests campaign “donations”, while limiting all other members and candidates. 

This special interest money is used by legislative leaders to maintain power and ultimately unjustly influence which bills are heard. 

These donations are often used to influence legislators to vote for or against a bill. 

It is hard to follow where this money goes, and is much like money laundering schemes. Party leadership uses this special interest money to remain in power, a lot like the old carrot and stick routine. 

Members are often told how to vote by the Speaker of the House or the President of the Senate; Why then do we need the entire legislature under this broken system?  Why not just elect a Speaker of the House and a President of the Senate?

We need to change the system. We need laws to pass based on merit and laws to fail due to lack of merit.   

We need to put a stop to laws passing because a special interest lobbyist wrote a check to buy it. 

Together in a united front we can fix this system. To do this, we need to elect independents who will carry this message from the people to as many government positions as possible. Together we can bring the government back to the people. 

 We need people elected like Myron Arthur Wilson

We need people who are willing to work to restore the system. Partisanship needs to stop.
                                   Re-Declare your Independence!   

                    Vote Independent Myron Wilson for State Rep. 15B!                                     


                      ≈ Together we can make government work again. ≈

Saturday Oct. 6, 2018

It's Official: Brett Kavanaugh Sworn in as Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as a Supreme Court justice Saturday night after the Senate confirmed the judge 50-48.

Tuesday, 25 September

If you've never voted before, here is a tool for you to register ahead of time.  Follow the link, click on your state, fill out the information requested.

Get out and vote on Nov. 6!

Monday, 17 September

“The only title in our democracy superior to that of president is the title of citizen,” said Justice Louis Brandeis.

I wholeheartedly agree.  Happy Constitution Day!…/happy-constitution-day-if-you-can-kee…

Tuesday, 4 September

A Facebook user posed the following questions that I believe merit answers.

Questions:  Is it wrong to provide immigrants with gainful employment? Would you rather they apply for assistance and NOT try to work?   

Answers:  We very much need immigrants to grow as a nation.  However, as the following excerpt from the article points out, there is a problem with the current system.

Every year, the U.S. admits more than 1.5 million foreign nationals, with the vast majority deriving from family-based “chain migration,” whereby newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the country.

Source:, poll - immigration the most important issue to gop voters for last half year, 2018/08/31

This tells us, while the initial foreign national may have arrived here on merits, the following “chain migration” is not based on merits.  It has been causing a flood of labor in this country that is taking jobs from American citizens.  That is wrong.

Just as wrong, as reported in September 2017,  is the nearly ¾ of billion dollars illegal immigrants cost the state of Minnesota. 

Thursday, 30 August

Nice to see some media and politicians stepping forward on issues  I've been championing for nearly a year now.  15B voters need to ask the  DFL and GOP state rep candidates where they stand on illegals, visa and  work permit overstays, and reform of refugee resettlement.

It is  difficult to forget the September 2017 report showing Minnesota ranked  #22 in the State Cost of Illegal Immigration.  That cost was near 3/4 of  a billion dollars.  The costs for refugee programs grow even higher.

I would rather see you keep those tax dollars to pay for new school clothes and activity fee's for your own kids.

Tuesday, 28 August

I stand in support of Senator Paul's effort to Defund Planned Parenthood.  It is unfortunate many Republicans appear to not feel the same way.

But, then, we seen that with our own Minnesota Citizen's Concerned for Life survey.  At first blush, I was the only conservative 15B candidate who scored 100%.  If you would like to do more to help in MN, please sign the MCCL petition below.

Saturday, 25 August

Gun Owners of America Defend Our Rights Survey.  We all need to speak up for our individual liberties.

Wednesday, 22 August

In the week since the Primary, I've noted several positive messages from fellow candidates. The first was our U.S. Senate candidate, Jim Newberger, echoing one of my main platform issues...term limits.  I say welcome aboard and please do not waiver!

Even more encouraging was reading Jeff Johnson’s Gubernatorial campaign email that reads as if it came from my team.  We are on the same page in wanting to end the dysfunction, special interests, government failures, and Omnibus bill abuse.  When Jeff says “St. Paul is broken, the status quo has failed...” he couldn't be more right.  I look forward to serving in a Jeff Johnson administration to reform Minnesota government. 

Thursday, 16 August

A recent Facebook comment questioned the state of the 15B race.  I believe this is a more accurate accounting of the situation.

Thank you for bringing this subject up.  It is an opportunity to discuss a much hidden fact that the local Republican party does not want you to know.  That fact is that, in HD15B, Independent and Republican numbers are nearly equal.  The Democrat number is much lower.  However, election after election, the Republicans and Democrats have been splitting the Independent vote.

It is time we give Independents a choice.  Myron Wilson will be on the November ballot regardless of what happens between now and then.  We strongly ask for your support.  Our only interest is in seeing a strong constitutional conservative elected in November.  We will admit there are scenarios we've run that suggest a Democrat could win.  However,  the most common outcomes of running math and statistical scenarios suggest Myron Wilson will win.  There have been no scenarios that suggest the endorsed Republican can win.

Please keep in mind only 59 Party activists gave you the endorsed Republican.  Nearly 1,000 District residents put Myron Wilson on the ballot!  All through HD15B, the resounding feedback was reports of frustration, and being fed up, with both the Republican and Democratic Parties.  At no time, was the support less than 60%.  In many areas, the support ran as high as 80% or better.  

If you wish to see conservative values and local leadership remain in HD15B, please join your fellow 15B residents in supporting Myron Wilson for House 15B!   A vote for the endorsed Republican is a vote for the DFL.

Tuesday, 14 August

St. Paul must start working for the voters.  Adding more Party adherents to the mix isn't the answer.


Thursday, 19 July

It is with wonder that I look at the Minnesota Debt Clock link shared on the Home page and Facebook. The Minnesota State & Local Debt Per Citizen is increasing at a rate of about $1/day. Based on population, that means Minnesota's State & Local Debt is increasing about $5,557,698/day.

Can you afford a $1/day increase in your debt load ad infinitum?  Why don't our sitting legislators put more importance on this issue?  Why are the GOP and DFL candidate hopefuls silent?  It almost seems as if your debt, your children's debt, and your grandchildren's debt is of no concern to them.

Do they really believe St. Paul is an open check book with no spending limit?  You, the check signers, need to reassert your control.

Friday, 13 July

Have you ever wondered what happens when we throw the candidates dictated to us by the Parties, and their media cohorts, overboard? 

We are witnessing it today in President Donald Trump's economy.  He was the outsider said to be too independent to be President.  They claimed he would throw everything out of control.  Well, let's look at what a lack of establishment Party direction has done for the economy.


We need more independent minds and less establishment Party adherents.  We need these independent minds at the Federal, State, and Local level.  I urge you to withhold your vote for most endorsed Party candidates this year.  Vote for the Independent candidates where available.  Vote to return the power to where the founders intended it to be:  With the people! 

For those races with no Independent candidates, get out and vote for the anti-establishment Primary candidates.  AJ Kern is one that comes to mind.  I fully endorse her candidacy

Re-declare your independence this year:  Vote Independent! 

Wednesday, 11 July

I am sure some of you have heard someone say  “independents can't win.”   I would  challenge this statement by pointing to Jesse Ventura, an independent who won, and to President Donald Trump.  Trump was a person the party insiders considered an Independent and not a true Republican.  Both cases beg to differ with the naysayers. 

In addition, we have discovered a few interesting facts about our district.  While it normally votes GOP, it is not overwhelmingly a GOP area.  Sure, there are a few more Republicans.  However, the difference between Independents and Republicans is in low single digit percentages.  It is our theory the reason the GOP wins so handily is there has not been a viable alternative.  Many Independents are like me and object to heavy government; so, they vote for the next best choice, the GOP, despite being let down on the promise of less government year after year.  

This year is different.  We will have a true Independent candidate willing to fight for what the majority of us want:  term limits and removing lobbyist money from the legislative process.  We all want one characteristic in our Representative.  A person willing to represent us.  Not someone kowtowing to Party leadership or some establishment ideology. 

Many of us dream of term limits and being reassured well monied lobbyists and donors did not influence our Representative's vote.  We can have it this year.  November will give us two choices that mean more of the same and one choice that means a chance for change.  

Vote Independent!  Vote Wilson for State Representative District 15B. 

Friday, 22 June

We are finding our message of term limits and removing lobbyist money from government to be popular with the voters. You hear a few candidates talk about the need for smaller government; but, it will not occur until we have term limits and take the money out of the process.  For the last 30 years, politicians from both Parties have said they are going to shrink the size of government.  Yet, where is it today...  shrinking or growing? 

The Minnesota state and local government spending for 1998 was 30.47 billion dollars while 2018 is 70.27 billion.*   During this time, both parties had control at one time or another.  Nothing changed!   Unfunded mandates to local government have in part increased the total debt of state and local government in Minnesota from 26.86 billion in 1998 to 47.83 billion in 2018.** 

Promises to make government smaller were made and ignored.  It is time to elect someone who is free of the Parties.  Together, we can make Minnesota work for us again.   



Tuesday, 19 June

A Facebook user posed the following questions.  Did you participate in the endorsement process?  If yes, why are you running as an independent? 

I did participate in the GOP endorsement process.  The process is not what most people believe it to be. Having been involved in party politics for over 40 years has taught me a person does not get selected based on their honesty and ideas.  It is more often based on their willingness to abandon their personal beliefs to support the Party's agenda.  That agenda is to maintain Party power rather than represent the people of the district.

I was told last September I should not waste my time running as the party bosses had already decided who to endorse.  I could not believe this to be true.  However, as caucus and convention time grew near tendentiousness became apparent.   

I am not, and will never be, a person willing to compromise my principles or those of the people of this district.  I will never put Party above the people.  The petition drive necessary to  get on the ballot was, in effect, an informal poll of between 1k-2k district residents.  It was a confirmation of my suspicions and observations.  The overwhelming response was our system is broken.  People feel the Parties care more for their own well being and power than they care for the people of the district.  We need this to change.  This overwhelming response is also in contrast to how few people actually participate in our caucus and endorsing system any longer.  One Party's endorsed candidate was selected by only 59 people.  That is 59 people out of a district voter population of 29,820 individuals.

Just look at what is happening with the U.S. Congress in regards to spending or issues like Obamacare and illegal immigration.  It is more accurate to say what is not happening.  Are the Republicans not in control of all three branches?  And, yet, nothing gets done.  The old saying “follow the money” is a shameful truth of this dysfunctional matter and is as much a problem in St. Paul.  Minnesota “Republican's” abusive use of Omnibus (garbage) bills demonstrates this fact.  

Most importantly, I’ve become convinced that it will never change from the inside.  The voter's need to send a strong message.  I’m offering to serve them by carrying every such message.

Monday, 18 June

 Independent adjective in·de·pen·dent \ ˌin-də-ˈpen-dənt \  

 Definition of independent

 1 : not dependent: such as   

     a (1) : not subject to control by others : self-governing     

        (2) : not affiliated with a larger controlling unit   

     b (1) : not requiring or relying on something else : not contingent     

        (2) : not looking to others for one's opinions or for guidance in conduct      

        (3) : not bound by or committed to a political party    

     d : showing a desire for freedom   


Yes, showing a desire for freedom.  A reclaiming of our Independence if you will.  To be an Independent voice for voter's opinion or guidance rather than a Party!

Wednesday, 13 June


May 22 to June 5 was the window in time the State provided for candidate filings and petition drives.  My team and I dug into this effort with commitment and an awareness of needed change.  In this  effort, we found many kindred spirits.  Nearly 1,000 of you in fact.


God Bless Minnesota House District 15B.  You are beautiful people.   From Royalton to Rice, Gilman to Foley, Palmer to Clear Lake, Clearwater  to Becker, and Santiago to Orrock, you stepped forward to sign the  petition.  Most of you expressing your dissatisfaction, to me, with the two party system that puts it's own  interests in front of the voters interest.  This reaffirmed in me the  need for true change that cannot happen from within the parties.  For  this, I thank you.

As  spring merges into summer, I look forward to seeing you at area parades  and the county fairs.  Feel free to share your issues and concerns.  I  am here for you, and yours, rather than a party.

As Louis L'Amour wrote “There's no stopping a man who knows he's in the right and keeps a-coming.”


Myron Arthur Wilson
phone:  612-867-1359

Sunday, 10 June

An interesting fact, while party activist's deny it, petition signers views of MN politics mirror that reported nationally. 

The two party system is destroying  America

By Michael Coblenz — 01/28/16 12:00 PM EST

The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of The Hill  

Excerpt from The Hill 

And the public is sick of it. 80 percent disapprove of Congress. That’s actually an improvement, last November 86 percent disapproved. Last year 71 percent disapproved of the way Republicans in Congress were doing their job, and 65 percent disapproved of the Democrats. And the public wants something new. In a Gallup poll from last year 60 percent of the respondents said they wanted new political parties. This disgust for the status quo is why voters in both parties are flocking to “outsider” candidates like Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) and Republican Donald Trump.   

Wednedsday, 25 April

As I have decided my political career is most likely over.  I have decided to let you in on some of the things I learned during my brief campaign in hopes these help you make more informed choices in the future.

I willingly and readily admit I was not the perfect candidate.  I was too honest.  I did not tell falsehoods  or try to embellish or hide anything from my past.

I even use and used my past as a motivator for the future.  I have had a terrible time with PTSD.   Over the past 20 years I sought and received treatment like the millions of others that suffer from PTSD. I have renewed my faith in God and people.

I know, many of you have met me and thought I am not as outgoing as most politicians. This is a fact. I prefer to remain with my close friends, family and animals.  This does not change the fact I desire to serve the district in a meaningful way for the betterment of the residents and future generations nor my ability to work with others in past positions I have held.

In spite of my PTSD I have obtained valuable experience which I would readily use to help others. 

However, this is not about me. This is about a failed system that keeps the petty political types and their useful pawns in power. The last thing a person that thinks that are a political insider wants is a person capable of thinking on their own.

I eagerly await the endorsed candidates views on the issues.

Saturday, 7 April

 I am heartened to see President Trumps approval rating has crossed over the 50% rate.  It shows a person willing to do the country's bidding is doing better than those doing a parties bidding. 

I will admit some disappointment when President Trump failed to veto the omnibus spending bill. There were just too many items in the bill that I can never agree with.  I understand the need to increase military funding;  however, I believe it could have been obtained in a week or two had he vetoed the bill. 

It never fails to astound me how out of touch our congressional “leaders” are. They are continuing to follow the same old party line that eliminated all the presidential candidates in 2016 other than a new type of politician, President Trump.  With the increased approval of President Trump, the republicans in congress should have shown a bump in their numbers.  However, this is what a CNN poll shows:

 CBS News Poll. March 8-11, 2018. N=1,223 adults nationwide. Margin  of error ± 3.          .    

  "Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with what Republicans in Congress have done over the last year?" .        

Satisfied ------  28%

Dissatisfied --- 66%

Unsure-----------  6%                       

 66% disapproval,  and still McConnell, Ryan and Emmer continue to act as if they are doing the job we the people want done.  They blissfully ignore the warning signs showing they could be out of power this fall. 

A recent Minnesota poll shows a large majority in Minnesota wants some drastic change: 

I will use this time to unabashedly plug the term limits petition I started, and beg for your signature. I think together we can initiate term limits.  If the elected officials in our parties refuse to give us a vote on a constitutional amendment we must elect new people even if it means a group of independents or third party legislature.  We have to remind them they work for us.

I spoke of the indications the GOP will be in the minority next session. Let me remind you of some of the recent headlines:

 I am sure you can find many more examples on your own.  It appears President Trump is only in trouble because of the GOP throwing him under the bus so many times.  The “leaders” in our party can not seem to get it into their brains the majority of us are tired of politics as usual.

Sure, we can find a few party faithful, the ones that would put party over people. But, they cannot expect us real conservatives to wait forever.  The GOP treats true conservatives in the same way the Democrats treat the blacks.  They throw us a bone now and then on gun rights and pro-life issues while acting like liberals on everything else.  They assume we will always vote with them because we have no where else to go. 

Why are we conservatives such gluttons for punishment?    

We are not all able to spend the time required to take over the party.  We have families, church, and work commitments.  There is just not enough time or money left for us to be involved in heavy politics.  We need to send a message to our legislators.  They need to learn to listen to us! 

I wrote a couple weeks ago about HF1843, by Rep. Knoblach, to elect without party designation.  I gave you then my reasons it was a good bill.  It would increase our influence over our representatives.  It could also lead to elimination of some of the big money from lobbyists, unions and the rich drowning out our voices. 

 This bill has moved along.  The amendment shown below is where it is now.  Notice the change the GOP has made to it: 

 moves to amend H.F. No. 1843 as follows:
  Page 2, after line 22, insert:
 "Sec. 4. LEGISLATIVE FINDINGS; TITLE.  Subdivision 1. Legislative findings. The legislature finds the following: 

 (1) in 1975, the Minnesota Republican Party renamed the party as the Independent      Republican Party to avoid association with President Richard M. Nixon; and
  (2) in 2018, the Minnesota Republican Party is proposing to eliminate a party designation for certain offices to avoid an association with President Donald J. Trump
 Subd. 2. Title.   This act shall be known as the "Protect Electability of Republicans from Affiliation with President Trump's Offensive Tweets (PERFAPTOT) Act” 

They just don't get it!  While I am not a fan of some of  President Trump's tweets, I am more offended by the lack of support for the border wall, his immigration policies and other policies.  Maybe the stiff wind in their faces Senator McConnell speaks of needs to be a tornado so they never take the conservative vote for granted again.   

Friday, 23 March


I want to thank everyone that came out and supported me on Saturday, March 10Th.  I feel I let you down with the loss.  However, the caucus  system is designed to protect the status quo and those in power.  We need to work within the system to change this deficiency.

Those of us who are true conservatives need to become more involved in the political process. Without becoming involved, we will never win.  We are an endangered breed.  Apathy is our enemy.  We had 268 delegate spots open. Approximately 119 spots were filled.  Of those, only 98 showed up at the convention.  26 people decided our representative, for the next two years, based on the last vote.

I am not ready to support Shane Mekeland.  Right now, I feel his values are more in line with the views of a person from the SW metro. They are not the values of rural Sherburne or Benton county. Shane will be able to earn my support when he...

  1. supports term limits
  2. learns the needs of a farm family
  3. has concrete positions on Refugee resettlement
  4. can articulate a plan to reform education
  5. has a coherent plan for right to work that does not discriminate   against the person wanting to belong to a union
  6. acknowledges the hard working American over the illegal immigrant
  7. supports deportation of all illegals including building a wall to protect us physically and economically
  8. shows a deeper intellect, and understanding of the issues, than he has so far.

I need to know he is not just a parrot for our less than conservative federal delegation.

This does not mean it is all on him.  It is on you and I too.  We need to ask him questions and demand answers.  We need to educate him to our ways.  

While many of the people in the district are people originally from the Twin Cities area, and he fits in well with them, he has yet to learn the ways of those born and raised in this area.  We need to help him.  We need to invite him to our civic events.  Lions club,  Knights of Columbus, Legion, VFW, Sportsman's club, and anywhere else our next representative should be a keynote speaker.  We must give him the opportunity to fully reveal his views in a 20 minute talk. The candidate deserves more than the 90 seconds the caucus system limitations allowed.

We need to know he understands the issues.   Reciting talking points provided by some behind the scenes ghost writer is no longer adequate.  When he proves his knowledge on the issues, it is then he deserves our support.  Voters should not be expected to support an untried and untested candidate who has been unable to speak for more than a minute on any topic other than negative comments on a few regulation and licensing issues. On a side note, those regulation and licensing issues our endorsed candidate implies are so harmful and unnecessary?  They came about because workers, and the public, were injured and even killed.  

Thank you again for your support.  I look forward to working alongside you to educate the endorsed candidate.


Wednesday, 21 March


A  great proposal that would start to take the money out of the state  legislature, allowing local people to have greater influence over their  elected officials.…/st-cloud-reps-bill-wou…/437814002/

Friday, 9 March

 What if Minnesota had term limits?    

This is Florida since term limits were imposed in 1992. 


  •  state government has shrunk 
  •  state government appropriations as a percentage of gross state product have fallen 
  •  as a share of state income, state budget is 22% less than it was 20 years ago
  •  state government employment fell from 1.25% down to 0.95% of state population
  •  while state population increased nearly 31% during those years, state government  employment grew slightly more than 0.5% 
  •  state government appropriations declined more than 10% during the 2008/2009  economic downturn  

Is there any one who doesn't want to reduce their MN tax burden?  Maybe term limits would do for Minnesota what they did for Florida! 


1.  Since term limits took effect, state government has shrunk, Randall G. Holcombe, Orlando Sentinel, March 25, 2015   

2.  Florida Demographic Estimating Conference

Thursday, 8 March

 A tale of two states... 

     State        2017 Population     2016-2017 Budget       Per Person      % of GDP     

Minnesota       ~5.6 million                71.3 billion              $12,998.00       ~21.00% 

Wisconsin        ~5.8 million                36.9 billion                $6,394.00       ~12.00%    

If you don't see a problem here, you may be the problem. 

Tuesday, 6 March

Today's blog is lengthy, and important, as it addresses education in Minnesota. 

We have education standards that are not being met by 60% or more students in some districts. 

It is time for a change in the way we do the business of educating.  We have some of the best educated teachers in the country yet schools fail to meet standards.    

We have home schooled kids doing 30% better than the national average.  We have charter and private school kids doing 20% better.

Partially, this can be contributed to parental involvement.  Involved parents make for better students.  However, that does not mean, even without parents motivated and involved, we cannot do better. 

It costs the taxpayers just shy of $50,000 per student when building a school.  With all the new schools we are building, or proposing to build at these costs, we still know we will have around a 50% success rate.  25% of all students entering college will need remedial classes, at no earned credit, before they can take a class for credit.  This begs the question, “Why are they even admitted to college?”  The metrics tell us “60% will drop out.” 

The answer is simple.  The colleges use these students as a funding device. Students leave school tens of thousands of dollars in debt with no useful degree.  Meanwhile, the colleges procured tens of thousands of dollars in funding.  This must stop!

We have so many good teachers that could teach in church basements, community centers, empty store fronts or anywhere else you can think of and do better.  Why are we not letting them unleash their passion and talent for teaching?  Parents should be the final arbiter on the education their child receives.  Lets free up a fraction of the Student Aid to pay a few of these teachers to teach somewhere other than the failing public schools. 

As poorly as our public schools are doing, it is time to allow teachers the freedom to try different alternatives.  The freedom to do what they love and do best. Teach! 

If we allow a portion of state aid to follow the student(i.e. enhance portability), we could finance the lions share of an independent learning center type classroom.  Opening the possibility for better educated graduates ready to meet the demands of college or a career.

We also need to involve the trades, the community, and parents in education.  The time for top down state department of education mandates is over.  We must demand changes for a better community and for a better future work force.  Just like we need to free teachers to teach, we need to free school boards to administer free of state mandates.

I am Myron Wilson.  I ask for your endorsement and support on March 10th  at Henry's Event Center in Foley, MN. 

Sunday, 4 March

While I fully understand this article is referring to the federal system, the points made apply equally well to the Minnesota system. 

 The last lines are one reason we need term limits at all levels. 

 “As many know, Congress is where seniority, electability, and durability are major factors. Candidates need to be prepared to represent their districts for not just two years but more likely two decades to have an impact.”
There is no excuse for this.  No district should have to wait 20 years for a change, or law they need, to  gain steam or be passed.  The old seniority system must go.  8 and 12 years is long enough for a district to wait.  The seniority system just locks a district into a person and party. With term limits, as the Florida study shows, a new legislator can begin making changes immediately. 

Term limits...good for the people, bad for the career politicians! 

Thursday, 1 March

In addition to the previously mentioned HF1605 and HF1669, the draconian HF 3022  has been introduced in the Minnesota House.  Its penalty for owning certain firearms can quickly reach $100,000.    

This is the liberal left trying to capitalize on the tragic event at the Parkland, FL school. Conservative gun owners need to push back.  We can not allow such heinous legislation to become law. 

I urge you to read the bill located here.  One section, in particular, needs to be pointed out: 

OF ACT; REQUIRED ACTIONS.   Any person who, on March 1, 2018, legally owns or is in possession of an assault weapon has until September 1, 2018, to do any of the following without being subject to prosecution under Minnesota Statutes, section 624.7134: (1) remove the weapon from the state; (2) surrender the weapon to a law enforcement agency for destruction; (3) render the weapon permanently inoperable; or (4) if eligible, register the weapon as provided in Minnesota Statutes, section 624.7134,
subdivision 5.

This is plain and simple confiscation of our firearms.  Before you think this does not apply to you, because you do not own a so called assault rifle, beware the definition  changes.  Your deer rifle may now be an assault rifle under this bill. The bill is comprehensive and all encompassing. 

I do not have the space to comment on all of it's “low points.”  I urge you to read the bill.  Let your Representative and Senator hear your opposition!

Wednesday, 28 February

The liberal left is taking aim at our gun rights again.  Being brought to the House Public Safety and Security Policy and Finance committee at 10:15 AM on Thursday, March 1, 2018 are the following bills. 

HF1605:  Gun Violence Protective Orders Revisor available here

HF1669: Universal Background Checks Revisor available here

HF 1605 and its senate companion SF1262, if signed into law, will make it easy for anyone anywhere to petition the court to have your guns confiscated.  The ability for this to be abused is abundant.  The hearing, when you get it, has a burden of proof of preponderance of the evidence. 

Of course, liberals will point out a person making a “false” claim can be charged with a misdemeanor.  They will likely fail to mention it requires the burden of proof to be “beyond a reasonable doubt.”  Especially disheartening is the part that says, if your guns are subject to damage or deterioration during confiscation storage, the Law Enforcement agency is immune from liability. 

HF1669 and its senate companion SF 1261, if signed into law, will require all gun sales or transfers to be conducted by a federally licensed firearms dealer.  Even loaning your deer rifle to a friend, if he is going to have it over 12 hours, will require transfer and background check through a federally licensed firearms dealer.  Loaning a gun to a prospective buyer to see if he wants to buy it, if exceeding 24 hours, will require transfer and background check through a federally licensed firearms dealer. 

Your legislators need to hear from you on these bills before the 10:15 AM hearing on Thursday, March 1, 2018.  If you are from House Distract 15B and Senate District 15, contact information is below.

Rep. Jim Newberger, 651-296-2451,   

Sen. Andrew Mathews, 651-296-8075, Use Mail Form   

Committee members need to hear from you as well.  Use the contact information below to voice your opposition. 

House Public Safety and Security Policy and Finance Committee Members 

Brian Johnson(R), Chair, 651-296-4346   

Kathy Lohmer(R), Vice Chair, 651-296-4244  

Debra Hilstrom(DFL), DFL Lead, 651-296-3709 

Jamie Becker-Finn(DFL), 651-296-7153  

John (Jack) Considine Jr.(DFL), 651-296-3248   

Raymond Dehn(DFL), 651-296-8659   

Keith Franke(R), 651-296-4342 

Matt Grossell(R), 651-296-4265  

Jeff Howe(R), 651-296-4373   

Eric Lucero(R), 651-296-1534   

Jim Newberger(R), 651-296-2451   

Marion O'Neill(R), 651-296-5063   

Dave Pinto(DFL), 651-296-4199   

Mark Uglem(R), 651-296-5513   

JoAnn Ward(DFL), 651-296-7807   

Nick Zerwas(R), 651-296-4237   
 (note to readers) The GOP killed this bill today (Mar 1st) in committee.

Thanks to all that called or wrote their Reps. I will keep this up to remind us all what the left wants to do to our rights. 

Sunday, 25 February


Since I have made public my support to bring term limits to Minnesota, I have received much criticism from those heavily involved in politics.  All tell me I am  wrong or call term limits foolish.  You have probably heard the same reasons from politicians.

I was praying and looking for something current and concrete to prove my point on term limits.  My prayers were answered with this article.  Please see the link below.…/os-ed-term-limits-florida-…

Friday, 23 February


We completed the first House 15B debate.  A Thursday,  March 1, debate is next in Foley.

One candidate pointed out, over and over, we are on the “same team.”   This does not mean we all bring the same experience and ideas to the game.  If we are all the same, why do we have an endorsing process rather than a coin toss?

John Kasich and Donald Trump?  Susan Collins and Ted Cruz?  All Republicans right; but, are they the same?  Same ideas?  Same convictions?  No, I didn't think so.

That is what we are looking at here in District 15B.  We have differing ideas and backgrounds.  I urge you to look into all our backgrounds.  If you see something that makes no sense, ask for explanations! 

Check out our positions.  Mine are clearly displayed here.  Most of my positions have been openly discussed on Facebook and my blog here.  We are now late in this race and some still refuse to present positions and ideas. 

Demand anyone asking for your vote to present their positions.  Positions not talking points.  This shouldn't be a coin toss.  There is too much at stake to gamble.  Make sure the candidate that best reflects our districts values becomes your advocate in St. Paul.

Thursday, 15 February

We are, once again, hit by a horrific school shooting.  A tragedy the left immediately exploits in a call for gun control. 

Of course, they are forgetting to mention the shooting ended when guns arrived to eliminate the threat.  What we need is armed school personnel.  “Gun free zones” are the most dangerous places in the USA.

Why am I not hearing criticism about the FBI dropping the ball on the shooter?  They were notified last September; but, failed to even talk to the shooter.  Were they too busy trying to manufacture evidence incriminating our conservative President?   

Despite having the opportunity to intervene, we can not assign blame to the FBI.  The shooter, and the shooter alone, is responsible for the killings. 

Nothing will stop the attempted killings.  Anything can be a weapon.  Knives, clubs, hammers, fists and feet killed nearly 3,000 people in 2016.  U.S. roads killed 102 plus people per day in 2016.  A violent person determined to kill can, and will, in a free society.  Only armed staff  would have stopped this tragedy sooner than waiting for law enforcement to arrive. 

People that say we cannot have guns in our schools are naive and uninformed.  When I was in high school, over half the boys had guns with them during the hunting seasons.  We hunted to and from school.  We were required to keep the guns locked in our trunks or lockers.  Our principal taught gun safety and how to  care for our firearms.  He inspected most of the guns we brought to school. 

People say times are different today.  I will give you that.  In the past, we had teachers who reinforced the morality teachings of our parents.  We need a return to this.  The further we perpetuate a Godless society the longer we will have these events.  We need, at the very least, to discuss the existence of God in the context of the founding of our country.  We do not need uninformed people advocating for the elimination of our God given right to keep and bear arms.