Sunday, 25 February


Since I have made public my support for term limits, I have received much criticism from those heavily involved in politics.  All tell me I am  wrong or call term limits foolish.  You have probably heard the same reasons from politicians.

I was praying and looking for something current and concrete to prove my point on term limits.  My prayers were answered with this article.  Please see the link below.…/os-ed-term-limits-florida-…

Friday, 23 February


We completed the first House 15B debate.  A Thursday,  March 1, debate is next in Foley.

One candidate pointed out, over and over, we are on the “same team.”   This does not mean we all bring the same experience and ideas to the game.  If we are all the same, why do we have an endorsing process rather than a coin toss?

John Kasich and Donald Trump?  Susan Collins and Ted Cruz?  All Republicans right; but, are they the same?  Same ideas?  Same convictions?  No, I didn't think so.

That is what we are looking at here in District 15B.  We have differing ideas and backgrounds.  I urge you to look into all our backgrounds.  If you see something that makes no sense, ask for explanations! 

Check out our positions.  Mine are clearly displayed here.  Most of my positions have been openly discussed on Facebook and my blog here.  We are now late in this race and some still refuse to present positions and ideas. 

Demand anyone asking for your vote to present their positions.  Positions not talking points.  This shouldn't be a coin toss.  There is too much at stake to gamble.  Make sure the candidate that best reflects our districts values becomes your advocate in St. Paul.

Thursday, 15 February

We are, once again, hit by a horrific school shooting.  A tragedy the left immediately exploits in a call for gun control. 

Of course, they are forgetting to mention the shooting ended when guns arrived to eliminate the threat.  What we need is armed school personnel.  “Gun free zones” are the most dangerous places in the USA.

Why am I not hearing criticism about the FBI dropping the ball on the shooter?  They were notified last September; but, failed to even talk to the shooter.  Were they too busy trying to manufacture evidence incriminating our conservative President?   

Despite having the opportunity to intervene, we can not assign blame to the FBI.  The shooter, and the shooter alone, is responsible for the killings. 

Nothing will stop the attempted killings.  Anything can be a weapon.  Knives, clubs, hammers, fists and feet killed nearly 3,000 people in 2016.  U.S. roads killed 102 plus people per day in 2016.  A violent person determined to kill can, and will, in a free society.  Only armed staff  would have stopped this tragedy sooner than waiting for law enforcement to arrive. 

People that say we cannot have guns in our schools are naive and uninformed.  When I was in high school, over half the boys had guns with them during the hunting seasons.  We hunted to and from school.  We were required to keep the guns locked in our trunks or lockers.  Our principal taught gun safety and how to  care for our firearms.  He inspected most of the guns we brought to school. 

People say times are different today.  I will give you that.  In the past, we had teachers who reinforced the morality teachings of our parents.  We need a return to this.  The further we perpetuate a Godless society the longer we will have these events.  We need, at the very least, to discuss the existence of God in the context of the founding of our country.  We do not need uninformed people advocating for the elimination of our God given right to keep and bear arms.

Friday, 9 February

Not only does Minnesota have a refugee resettlement problem, we have an illegal immigration problem.  Nearly three quarters of a billion dollars!  $734,890,769(excluding federal costs) as reported in September  2017.  Due to the lax attitude of state leadership, Minnesota's illegal immigration costs exceed all neighboring states.  Minnesota costs are 1.3 times higher than Wisconsin, 2.7 times higher than Iowa, and 20 times higher than either North or South Dakota.  I will emphasize this at the legislature! 

Sunday, 4 February


Open call for conservative delegates!

Date:  Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Time:  7:00 PM


Education Reform

Refugee Resettlement/Immigration Reform

Tax Reform

Become a Wilson delegate for conservative values!

Friday, January 26

Sorry, folks!  I have been a little slow on the Blog of late.  When the January thaw hits, I have to farm.  I spent the last few days cleaning pens and cages while preparing to move chicks from basement to barn. 

I am gathering eggs for hatching again.  Those bitterly cold days freeze the eggs.  They are only good for breakfast then.  These warm days remind me spring is only 2 months away.

Friday, January 19

Last night, I heard a man proclaim “the Somalians are bad people.”  He based this claim on his military experience while stationed in Africa.  This is pure and simple prejudice. 

I have been, and remain, strongly against refugee resettlement.  This is not based on prejudice.  I believe we need to remain strong in our local areas. To remain strong and healthy as a state and nation.  Immigration is needed to accomplish this; but, it must be immigrants willing to assimilate and become one of us.  There must be a desire to become an “American.”  A desire to add to our society and its riches.  Not simply take from it.  Sadly, a person ripped from their own lands cannot be expected to desire assimilation.  They should be allowed to rejoin their own people in their country of origin.

We are spending too much money, while helping too few, under the current program.  We hear of native born citizens being displaced, or subjected to economic loss, due to this new “cheap labor” in some industries. 

In many cases, the refugees we are talking about had no idea where they were headed.  They were simply rounded up and put on a plane to a “better place”.  Reminiscent of the slave trade of bygone eras.  This was done for profit by the Volags and those working with them to “resettle refugees."  Being a refugee does not make someone “bad.”  There are, however, some bad individuals within those ranks.  There are those who wish to do us harm.  However, calling all Somalian's “bad people” is a bridge too far. 

This same person stated, a few days ago, that he wanted to use the RICO act to deport any Somalian that committed a gross misdemeanor.  This is either hyperbole or a complete lack of  knowledge of the RICO act and its purpose.  We need to take the money out of the trade of refugee resettlement.  It is those advocating this modern day slave trade that we need to target. 

We must help refugees in a better and more cost effective manner.  We must protect them in their own country.  In this manner, we can help greater numbers while allowing them to live where and how they are accustomed.  Subsidizing refugee employment must stop.  This is discrimination against native born citizens.  We need to end all secondary and chain migration.  This system has proven ripe with fraud.  It poses a danger to U.S. citizens due to the “bad” people that do get through. 

What we do not need is some neophyte political hopeful calling an entire ethnic class of people bad.  This type of person is ill suited for any leadership position.  This prejudice demonstrates a lack of core values.

Tuesday, January 16

The campaign received the following from the Minnesota Secretary of State today.

The Caucus Finder will be available starting January 17 at . This link currently redirects to a general caucus information page.

The Caucus Finder works like the polling place finder, and provides the precinct caucus locations for the Republican  and Democratic-Farmer-Labor parties. If the party has not yet provided a caucus location for a particular precinct,  the user can click on a link to be taken to the party’s website for contact information.

We hope to see you there!

Sunday, January 14

Public Hunting Lands

Hunting is under attack! 

We have left wing zealots that hate guns and our hunting traditions.  They attack unceasingly. 

Organizations like HSUS and PETA constantly attack hunting.  They fail to understand Hunting and Fishing is a Constitutional Right in Minnesota.  It has been since 1998! 

I have a proposal to ensure we will always have a place to hunt.  It also protects valuable family farms and private hunting lands. 

I propose a Zero Sum gain on public lands.  Lands acquired by the State of Minnesota are taken off the tax roles.  This does nothing to help property owners be they city dwellers or farm folks. Conversely, I propose a Zero Sum loss of current public lands.  Managing a Zero Sum gain or loss program can be challenging; so, to help ease the transition, I suggest the State of Minnesota must maintain a +/- 3% margin in relation to the land owned by the State as of January 1, 2018. 

It should be noted the government has a duty to preserve unique ecosystems.  It is our right to visit, study, and learn about these unique systems.  This is where Zero Sum loss comes into play. Large sell offs of public land typically go to the wealthy.  Often times, it means people being locked out of formerly public lands.  The chance for learning and outdoor adventures lost forever. 

The government also receives land through tax forfeiture and bequests.  When these occur, under my proposal, the Government must inventory and decide which lands to keep or sell.  Always working back to the January 1, 2018 benchmark. 

Public lands need to remain open to hunting and fishing.  Enough private land needs to stay on the tax rolls to ensure Government can function.  Here in Sherburne county, we're penalized by nearly 41,000 acres under Federal and State ownership.  As reported this past July, Sherburne county received a $147,866.09 Payment in Lieu of Taxes. 

That equates to a $3.61 per acre property tax for you or I.  It is not the reality for us though is it? No, we are taxed to make up for the minimal Payment in Lieu of Taxes the county receives for those lands. 

The PILT payments on public lands come from all of us.  Agencies like the DNR like to claim they make the payments.  However, it is your tax dollars they are using.  All while you pay inflated property taxes to make up the difference. 

To increase the hunting lands available, we need a program like South Dakota.  A system by which land owners are compensated when they allow hunters on their private lands.  We need Sportsman Clubs where ordinary people band together to purchase and maintain hunting land. 

Together, we can preserve our family farms and hunting traditions.  They need not be at odds with each other.  Expanding participation in hunting, fishing, and the shooting sports is my goal.  If we each introduce one new participant, our numbers double.  That is something we should all support.

As always, I am interested in your ideas to keep the shooting sports alive. 

Thank you!

Saturday, January 13

The Met Council must be brought under control 

According to their own website, the Met council was formed in 1967 to handle regional wastewater problems and a failing bus system.

They are a non-elected board with taxation and regulation authority.  Their power goes so far as to override elected city councils and county boards in the 7 county metro area.  This includes overreaching into 4 or 5 outlying counties.  Make no mistake!  They want to control Sherburne and Wright county more than they already do.

They have done what all government bureaucracies do.  State and local governments have allowed mission creep within the Met Council.  They now control drinking water, wastewater, bus service, train service, parks, housing and community planning.

Thomas Jefferson said  “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms (of government) those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny”

The Met Council is the epitome of this.  They started as a sewer watch dog and now ensnare every aspect of our lives.  Not even those of us living outside their “bailiwick” completely escape their reach.  Here in Sherburne county they should have no influence; but, influence they do have.  Try to get a sewer permit.  It will need to be in conformance with the Met Councils directives.

On their web page, they make no bones about it.  They have their eyes on Sherburne county. They even have a pull down menu with “Sherburne” listed as one of “their” counties.  Fortunately, there is no page linked there today.  That could easily change tomorrow.  See picture at left..
One would think we elect officials and county employees to work for us?  Do we really want a non-elected bureaucracy that is allowed to over rule our elected officials like occurs in much of the 7 county metro area?

The Met Council continues to expand their reach and authority.  We must end this over reach. Boards must, by design, be small and extremely limited in authority.  When elected, I will do every thing in my power to dismantle the Met Council.  Their reach is not welcome in our still, mostly rural, areas.

I would like to see the Met Council replaced by smaller elected boards.  These boards should be regional in nature and accountable to the voter.  Each area's unique topography/geology would be better served by local residents with the assistance of licensed professionals.  This particularly applies to waste and drinking water issues.

A Metro Transportation Board would cover just that...metro transportation. The community planning and park duties would return to the people we elected, and still employ, to do them in the first place.

To illustrate my point, I suggest we look at the $1.858 billion Southwest Light Rail Transit project. That is $128.14 million per mile.  No one seems to support it but Governor Dayton and hopefuls at the Met Council.  A Transportation Board may likely apply more reason in light of the future and the funds they are charged with administering.  Busing and highway lane miles are both far more cost effective and conducive to the further development of electric automobiles and the autonomous carrier services the future promises.

Monday, January 8

Meet & Greet Scheduled!

Date:  Monday January 15, 2018

Time:  6:00-8:00 PM

Place:  Eagle Trace Golf & Event Center

            1100 Main Street

            Clearwater, MN 55320

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, January 4



The past year ended with four deputy sheriffs ambushed in Colorado.  One young deputy is dead and three were wounded.  Lives ruined.  They will never be normal again.  The survivors are susceptible to mental and physical injury.

This is one of those subjects that, not so many years ago, wasn't OK to talk about.  It has not received  the attention it deserves.  It is Post Traumatic Stress in our First  Responders.

In our society today, First Responders deal with horrific injuries and deaths.  Firefighter, EMT, and law enforcement personnel all face violent injury scenes and deaths that can be the  equal of those our military veterans faced.


Every First Responder is a human being.  And, like all compassionate humans, there is a limit to how many scenes of injury, violence, and death they can  handle.  

Around 7 percent of the U.S. population suffers from  some form of PTSD.  However, among law enforcement professionals, the rate of PTSD is more than double that, with some estimating that it affects as many as 19 percent (McCanlies, Mnatsakanova, Andrew, Burchfiel, & Violanti, 2014). That percentage brings police into a similar range as military veterans.  Research by King’s College London identified that PTSD rates are as high as 29 percent among U.S. troops  (Dreazen, 2014). 

From an Oxford study, ambulance crews and paramedics experience rates over 10%.  A Houston Fire Department study on PTSD found nearly 13% of firefighters suffer from it.

We now know the importance of recognizing the signs and symptoms.  Preventing PTSD is nearly impossible.  However, limiting the devastating effects is not.  Representative Newberger has done commendable work toward addressing PTSD among First Responders.  I plan to continue where he leaves off.  It is that important.

But, while important, it does not need to be an expensive project.  It simply demands our elected officials and department administrators recognize the very real threat of PTSD.  We need to establish professional and peer counseling.  The stigma must be removed from seeking help. Then PTSD happens, most will not seek help on their own.

Today, too many are found dead by their own hand.  Driven over the edge by their PTSD.  Equally as bad are those who've killed, or maimed, a loved one in a PTSD driven fit.  There are others who come to their end in a “suspicious” accident involving alcohol.  All due to the effects of PTSD.

PTSD is something with which I am all too familiar.  I suffered the effects at a time when it was given little recognition.  At that time, the tendency was to pretend it did not exist. 

I consider myself one of the lucky ones.  Fate had me marry the greatest woman alive.  I was fortunate she is a nurse.  When I had fallen far down the PTSD rabbit hole, she took action to contact a friend of mine.  Together, they forced me to seek treatment.

It was a terrible experience.  I would prefer no one ever have to live it.  I can never thank my friend and wife enough.  Without their help, I would not be here today.  

My experience brings me to an additional PTSD proposal.  I propose in-service training and socializing of the spouses, and significant others, of our First Responders.  The spouses, family, and even friends of First Responders need to be trained in recognizing the signs of PTSD.  Spouses need to feel comfortable talking to their peers about what they see and experience. They need to be comfortable discussing personality and mood changes in their First Responder spouses.

My 23 year Law Enforcement career was cut short as PTSD forced me into early retirement.  I was fortunate to have a wife, and friend, who saved me.  I  want others in the First Responder community to have that chance.

Another area needing reform is the workers compensation law treatment of PTSD.  At the time I experienced its debilitating effects, PTSD wasn't recognized by workers compensation law.  There were no retraining options.  The limited help available amounted to “contact your supervisor...they will take care of getting you assistance.”   Unfortunately, there were no planned responses.  There was little help for any one suffering PTSD in those days.  

There will always be the danger of administrative types interpreting PTSD as a sign of weakness. The person who suffers may be reluctant to acknowledge it.  Even  supervisory personnel may succumb to this.  The saddest thing in my story is, a few years after my journey down the rabbit hole, my Supervisor put a gun to his own head.

Again, I am lucky to have the wife I do.  She demanded my retirement even when, financially, it was too soon.  She forced me to the treatment I needed.  She said “we'll  get by...somehow.”

Getting by somehow is not what we want or need for our First Responders.  There must be retraining and alternative job options within the First Responder community.  Even temporary reassignment can be helpful.  Proper medical and psychological treatment can even bring the person back to the job they love.

We need to establish, and require, group sessions for the discussion of PTSD issues within the First Responder communities.  Whether done singly, or jointly, the participation of all organizations is needed.  We must recognize the “macho” attitude of the individual will not allow the discussions to happen spontaneously.

We need to establish a system of screening for early warning signs of PTSD.  Early detection can prevent the development of the debilitating effects.  This system must be a requirement to help alleviate the stigma individuals feel when forced to ask for help.  Administrator's need to understand it is a requirement that will no longer be ignored.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A fellow candidate, running for the 15B seat, was asked What are the 3 most pressing issues facing Minnesotans?   Since it has been several days, with no public answer from the candidate, I will take the liberty.  In my opinion, in no particular order, these are the three most important issues:

Education Reform 

We are spending too much money for inferior results.  We need to get back to basics.  We must stop educating students as if 90% will need a college degree.  According to Center of the American Experiment, “just 22 percent of Minnesota jobs require a four-year degree or more.”  Alternatives in education such as home, charter, private, and technical schools must be considered.  We must think outside the box in pursuit of more efficient results.

Refuge Resettlement & Immigration

Refugees, and the ensuing secondary migration, are burdening our cities, counties, and taxpayers. We lack coherent policy.  Schools are distressed with limited English proficiency, falling test scores and growing disciplinary problems.  Governor Dayton allowing illegal immigrants onto our state run, and taxpayer funded, heath insurance is driving social service spending out of control.  The state's encouragement of illegal immigration, refugee resettlement, and secondary migration must be addressed.  Availability of Minnesota's generous public assistance programs to refugee and illegal communities must be reformed.


We were the fifth highest taxed state in the nation when I last checked.  Minnesota ranks among the worst states for individual, corporate, and overall taxes.  We need to understand all taxes are paid by the consumer.  Corporate taxes are simply passed on to the consumer. Tax demands are only relieved by decreased spending.  Reducing state spending must be a priority!

My apologies for any campaigns failing to answer your questions.  With your vote, I will answer your questions and fight for reform.

To borrow from the President...lets Make Minnesota Great Again!


Myron Wilson    


Friday, December 29

I started this campaign espousing a need for change in our educational system. 

We have a myriad of woes facing this country.  50% of the Millennial's think socialism and communism is superior to our system. 

This can be evidenced by the popularity of self proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders.  His wife, Jane, is currently under investigation for corruption regarding monies missing from the college she ran. Is it that Socialism is good for others; but, the Sanders are exempt?  

I am convinced I am on the right track.  We have 25% of college students needing to take remedial classes, for no credit, before they can even begin their college studies.  Is it any wonder it takes 5-6 years to get a 4 year degree? 

Yet, we have graduation standards that lead us to believe requirements have been met.  These Minnesota Department of Education requirements are misleading and self serving.  We need to have a serious look at the requirements while considering what each student needs to learn. 

We need to get back to basics.  We have to stop educating our students as if 90% of them need a college degree.   According to Center of the American Experiment, “just 22 percent of Minnesota jobs require a four-year degree or more.”  We need to look at alternatives in education.

Do Not think I am saying scrap the public school education system!  I am not.  We need to look at what will help the most students. 

Homeschooling, private schools, charter schools, Community learning centers, tele-teaching/learning, and so on. We need to look at all options and give them a try. We can no longer accept the word of the teachers union, the department of education or the state school board association as to what works.  It is time to believe our own lying eyes. 

Political correctness needs to be applied with reason!  We should not be afraid to mention God's name in schools.   Whether some are  offended by his name, it is immaterial.  

God is not only mentioned in our Declaration of Independence.  He is sited as the originator of our inalienable rights.  Some say “but, God is not mentioned in the constitution.”  I disagree, the line before the Signatures reads: 

Done in convention by the unanimous consent of the states present the seventeenth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven and of the independence of the United States of America the twelfth.   

Again, it was stated “in the year of our Lord!”  His name is capitalized even!    

Those that say teaching God in relationship to our rights is sorely mistaken.   Words matter!  The first amendment states “freedom of religion” not “freedom from religion.” 


Our history cannot be changed to suit a few.  History is to be portrayed as it actually occurred.  Not revised to satisfy today's hypersensitive and politically correct liberals. 

 Thank you for reading.  I would appreciate your support.

Tuesday, December 26

Welcome back!  We hope all had an enjoyable Christmas.  I attached video of an inspiring children's choir to our last fb post on December 23.  It's worth a listen.  Here is the link:

And, a comment from a reply..."People...this is why Myron Wilson needs to be the next 15B Representative.  Whether it's the happy animals on his farm; or, the love for humanity displayed by this post.  Myron is simply a different level of human being than the other candidates.  It is clear who should represent 15B."

I'll leave this entry right there.

Saturday, December 23


To the Wilson for 15B contributors, supporters, and visitors,

Christmas is a special time.  We hope you find yourself wrapped in traditional thoughts and memories as What Child is This  plays.  It is a time to embrace those you love.  A time of warm wishes for friend and stranger alike.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

The Wilson for 15B Campaign Team

Wednesday, December 20

As the primary campaign season heats up, a glaring denial of fact was delivered to me.  It came in the form of an opponent's campaign flier.   The flier makes the following statement.

"Refugee Resettlement

Too many questions with zero answers."

I wholeheartedly disagree.  I believe there are answers.  In fact, those who study this issue professionally also disagree.

There is much to be explored.  This ranges, from the humanitarian issues, to the fiscal harm incurred at state and local levels.  We need to consider the following points. 

  • From the Center for Immigration Studies, we've learned an average Middle Eastern refugee, resettled in the U.S., could cost over $64,000 in the first five years; or, a household costs over $257,000. 
  • From CIS, we've learned the cost of resettling one Middle Eastern refugee in the U.S., for five years, would help around 12 refugees, for the same period, in their home region; or, 61 refugees could be helped for one year.  

We need to ask ourselves is refugee resettlement the humanitarian thing to do?  So many more could be cared for if safe zones were established in their home regions.

Other points to consider, courtesy of the MN Office Of The Legislative Auditor and the National Research Council, include the following statements.

  • The National Research Council estimated that...state and local government costs would typically exceed immigration-related public revenues.
  • A subsequent study found a similar pattern...negative fiscal impacts at the state/local level.
  • ...Non-citizens account for significant expenditures in some state programs,such as health care and public assistance.
  •  ...the National Research Council concluded that, on average, state governments were more have immigration-related public costs that exceed immigration-related public revenues over the long term.
  •  ...certain workers, communities, and industries may experience significant impacts.

In light of these facts, we need the courage and common sense to admit both problem and answer.  I've previously proposed workable solutions.  There are answers!

Make no mistake, we need immigrants.  We need immigrants who come here to assimilate and prosper in our communities.  But, we need it done at a sustainable level.  No economy can tolerate an estimated immigrant population nearing 20% of the total like we see in nearby St. Cloud.

Immigration, at a sustainable level, leads to a diverse and vibrant economy.  This needs to be the goal.   

Tuesday, December 19

I know the song says "On the sixth day of Christmas...six geese a laying"...but, how about a simple Merry Christmas postcard.

Thursday, December 14

President Trump, through his wise choice in governmental agency leaders, has again provided an opportunity for the free market to work its magic.  He has wrested the internet out of the hands of socialist democrats and their overzealous bureaucratic minions.  Please see the linked article for more information. 

Net Neutrality is a cool name.  Kind of like the “Affordable Care Act.”  Unfortunately, both take a Gallagher-like-mallet-to-a-melon approach to a small problem and spread it far and wide.  I commend the FCC commissioners on their action today.  

Tuesday, December 12

Yesterday, Vicki Willenbring Molitor asked a good question.  “Can you post instructions on how/where to attend caucus and become delegates?”  I thought we should bring this out of the shadows for the benefit of all viewers.

The MN Secretary of State website provides information on how caucuses work.  It can be found here

The precinct caucus locations are best found through the MN Secretary of State Caucus Finder. The caucus finder uses zip code and street address information to provide you with the location of your precinct caucus.  This data has not yet been updated for 2018.  Many of the locations will be the same as previous years; but, some could change.  It is best to check at the Caucus Finder website as we near the precinct caucus date of Feb. 6, 2018.  The Caucus Finder can be found here

One precinct caucus we have received 2018 confirmation on is for Benton County residents. That location will be Sauk Rapids-Rice High School, 1835 Osauka Rd NE, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379. 

We'll try to let you know when the Caucus Finder is updated.  We'll also post the other HD15B caucus locations when we receive official confirmation.

We look forward to meeting all of the Wilson for 15B delegates!

Monday, December 11

In his book, Education of a Wandering Man, Louis L'Amour wrote “A book is less important for what it says than for what it makes you think.” 

I believe the same logic applies in a political campaign.  A candidate is less important for what they say than for what they make you think.    

Thursday, December 7

For any who didn't know, H.R. 38 - Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 passed the U.S. House yesterday, 6 Dec. 2017.  It now awaits action in the U.S. Senate in the form of S.446 - Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017.

Do contact your U.S. Senators to encourage their support of this important legislation.  Crossing state lines shouldn't mean you forfeit your right to personal protection. 

Politely request that your U.S. Senators support S.446!

Franken, Al - (D - MN)   

309 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510 

(202) 224-5641 


Klobuchar, Amy - (D - MN)   

302 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510 

(202) 224-3244 


Wednesday, December 6

As I went about my chores a few days back, readying for the winter that was sure to come, I found my mind wandering to what the Founders envisioned for this country.  Was it the many Halls of Congress filled with law school graduates, lobbyists, and political hangers on?  Or, was it farmers, business owners, and fathers representing everyday families?  Had the times been more enlightened, perhaps they would have included the mothers of everyday families.  The Lord knows...most of us men couldn't get anywhere without the women who support us.

 As I pondered, I came to the conclusion they would have supported the farmer, the business owner, and the everyday father and mother.  They would have supported citizen legislators.  It is how I come to you today.  A chicken farmer, an egg and poultry merchant, and an everyday father.  I ask in earnest for your support in becoming a citizen legislator.  I will uphold your Constitution as the Founders of this great nation intended.


  Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, December 5

The 2018 precinct caucuses will be held on Tuesday, February 6 at 7:00 p.m. 

We need you there!

Monday, December 4

Being older than the other two serious contenders for House District 15B has certain advantages.  At some point in a person's life, they see the same mistakes  being repeated.

In the '70s Nixon instituted price and wage control to try and control the economy. It was a huge failure. It caused the long gas lines of the era and did little to control any expenses to us "little" people.

We have people running for this seat advocating the same type of controls  with health care now.  Subsidizing the insurance market is not controlling medical costs. 

It is the exact opposite.  When the government subsidizes anything, profiteers move in and steal from the taxpayers as people no longer watch their own spending.

Look at the cost of college in the graph below.  Since the Government subsidized it, and took the private sector out, costs have soared out of control.  We need cost control measures that allow the free market to work.   

We have hope that the ACA tax mandate is going away in the new tax bill.  My hope is health care is sent back to the states.  

These are some of the other things I would like us to accomplish:

  1. Eliminate the multi price system on health care. We all know who your 2nd party payer is makes a difference on what you pay.  
  2. Charge a higher co-pay on non-essential services from ER's.
  3. Encourage E-medical services for many routine illnesses.
  4. Post hospital and Doctor rates at the entrance to all facilities.  Allow the patient to pick the price they desire.  I do not need a $500/hr Doctor to look at a sore throat; but, I might need that Doctor to look at my heart.
  5. We need tort reform.  Astronomically high punitive damages drive the cost of medical care through the roof.  Punitive damages should be capped at or below actual damages.  Think of the 400 Million dollar settlements from coffee spills.  This same type of litigation is driving our health care costs out of reach.
  6. Reward preventive measures.
  7. Put no requirements on what a persons policy covers.  Allow Minnesotans to pick the coverage they need or want for themselves and their families.

These are just a few common sense free market ideas.  I am sure you have many more.  If you do, please share!  Together we can make this work.

Sunday, December 3

Saturday, December 2

The U.S. Senate passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act today.  Now, on to reconciling with the House.  Will we see Presidential approval before Christmas?  It is time for the same in Minnesota.

Friday, December 1

Welcome to December!  Let's pray we get tax reform today.   May the senate finally work for the good of the people instead of their lobbyist friends.


November  30 

Hi  all!

     I  just thought I would share what I have done this week. I attended a  fundraiser for Rep. Jim Newberger. He will unseat Amy Klobuchar and  provide Minnesota a strong conservative voice in DC!  Jim graciously gave me 2 minutes to say a few words.  Two  minutes is a short time;  but, I sure appreciated it.  I met some great  people from in and around  the district.    

     I  met Rollie Lange, from Clearwater, he familiarized me with the Convention of States organization.  I talked to him for quite a while  on Tuesday.  After reading up, studying the issue and talking to Rollie,  I signed the petition.  I can enthusiastically support the effort in   the house.  I found my fears to be unfounded and fueled by a dishonest  left wing media.  My fear was losing the 1st and 2nd amendment  rights.   It will not happen.  I suggest you read what my hero, the late Justice Scalia, had to say about a convention of states. 

     Another issue facing us is the need for an immigrant population that wants to assimilate and become "American."  My first chance to discuss my plans for dealing with an overflow of refuges and immigrants to our area and state was, at the CD6 meeting, Tuesday in Otsego. The cost to us is more than we can bear. My plan recoups some of the cost. Natonwide,we take in less than 1% of legal  immigrants.  More than that and the economy would collapse. St Cloud itself has taken in nearly 30% based on the last census and estimates. Our economy cannot handle that large of an influx.  

Nationwide, we take in less than 1% of legal  immigrants.  More than that and the  economy would collapse.  St Cloud itself has taken in nearly 30% based on  the last census and estimates.  Our economy cannot handle that large of  an influx.  The problems in St Cloud are now beginning to effect neighboring communities. 

     Do  not think I am anti immigrant. I fully support legal immigration. We need legal immigration; but, it needs to be controlled.  It must be conducted in a manner that does not weaken or break our existing communities. 

    Last  night, I attended the Orrock Township  board meeting.  I met and talked to a couple that is having issues caused by Sherburne County wanting to adhere to the Met Council's rules and regulations. This just further reassures me the Met Council must go!

   It is a non-elected board of political appointees that make rules affecting the lives of us in 15B while having no authority.  If they need an authority to handle sewer issues in the suburbs, I suggest we disband the Met Council. Establishing an elected sewer board that only has authority over city sewer systems would be a better answer.       


Please plan to attend your precinct Caucus on Feb. 6, 2018 at 7pm and support Myron.  Become a delegate for him to the endorsing convention.  Without your help, we can't win! 

Vote for

If you have never been to a caucus, follow this link to see what to expect.

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