Bi-partisan Election integrity failure

Important Announcement for Voters, Especially Absentee Voters!!

There are flaws in our Minnesota election laws. These flaws can invite fraud in highly charged partisan times.  Some of this may seem  unbelievable, I had this presented to me in the last week. After a review, and with the multitude of ways the two major parties use to keep myself and other independent or third party candidates from having equal footing in this election. It became believable to me. While I have not done an in-depth study of this. I can say the probable cause is there to investigate further.  

The first flaw in the process is the lack of a state wide ballot inventory to account for all the extra or left over ballots. While great care is required in each precinct to make sure every ballot is accounted for correctly on Election Day with required bi-partisan oversight, before and after the Election Day. 

This provides a large number of extra ballots to fraudulently stuff ballot boxes when there is no bipartisan oversight. When all the absentee ballots are counted or  handled there is no ballot bi-partisan requirement.  The public is not even allowed to be present for absentee ballot tabulation.  It is hard imagine when you mail in an absentee ballot the bi-partisan oversight is no longer required.*   

 When absentee ballots are counted after hours, without public oversight and a clear requirement for bi-partisan judges and a large supply of extra ballots, a person could fairly easily switch ballots. With the increased popularity of absentee voting in Minnesota, two highly partisan people who believe the “ends justify the means” could  steal an election under the current system.   

A bi-partisan election judge oversight requirement would assure us a fair outcome to every election.  To keep our republic safe and our votes secure we must have judges from all major parties included at all times in the election process.  Ballots must always be handled in the public eye.  I will be researching this more and working to remedy this system when elected. 

With your support we can truly make a difference! 

 Let’s re-declare our Independence together, Vote Myron Wilson on Nov. 6th!!! 

  *  Sec 13.0, 13.2 & 4.2.1   

On Taxes

On Energy Costs

 This  is a quick and interesting video on what is happening with the cost  of  energy in Minnesota. Some get rich while others go broke. This  fiasco  started under one administration and was tragically embraced by  the  next. Minnesota went from a low cost energy state to one of the  highest  cost energy states in less than 20 years. Neither Party has  fought for  rate payers at the legislature