Endorsements for MN Representative 15B

Vicky Willenbring Molitor


I  don't normally post about politics.....and definitely not this far in  advance of an election;  however I endorse this man as he  is a  hardworking person with a firm grasp on the issues surrounding Central  MN and beyond.

Rick Brown Endorses Myron

About time we have a Politician for the people 

Don Huizenga Endorsed Myron

 "Go get em Myron Wilson!  You have my support and best wishes for success."


Chris Johnson endorsed Myron Wilson for MN House 15B.
I have been friends with Myron Wilson pretty much my whole life.  We grew up together.  We've worked together.  And, we own a cabin together.  Myron is a completely honest man who is highly intelligent and driven to accomplish whatever he sets out to do.  I have trusted my life to him, as a law enforcement officer, and he has never let me down.  If you are looking for a no nonsense, hard working representative who will listen to you, he's your guy.  As a life long Democrat, I have never endorsed a Republican.  This is my only exception. 
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