links for all in MN 15B Rep district:

Jim Newberger is leaving HD 15B to be Minnesota's next Senator

Interesting links to watch as Jim Newberger becomes our US Senate and gives the people of Minnesota a voice again.

Benton County MN Republicans

Wilson for MN 15B rep providing helpful links to district 15B

Minnesota House 15B BPOU

 The website for the HD15B BPOU. This house seat is currently held by  Representative Jim Newberger.  With your help, it will next be held by  Myron Wilson.  We will continue to work for the good of our area. 

Convention of States

This is one of my more  interesting links. I would like to point you to the interview with, a hero of mine, the Honorable Justice Scalia. It answered the questions I  had about how government should function.  Myron Wilson hopes to represent HD 15B in a way that would have made Justice Scalia proud.