About 15B - A representative cross section

In the South East

In the south east portion of the district, we have a major challenge ahead.  We have the imminent closing of Sherco plants 1 & 2 in 2023 and 2026.  We need to work to replace the jobs lost.  Rep Newberger has secured a promise to build a gas turbine plant to replace some of the lost jobs and revenue.

In the Middle

Foley is where I decided to center my campaign.  Foley has been dear to me since I was a "wee-lad."  My grandparents lived not far from Foley.  I would go to Foley with them often as a kid.  We had many a family reunion near Foley.  If you are a Nelson, Johnson, Wager or Forster, we might very well be related.  Foley has some major projects I hope to help address as your district Rep.  Highway 23 construction and safety upgrades are paramount along with the sewer treatment plans for the future.  This area is representative of the district in one small town.

In the North

The north of the district is in Morrison county.  I foresee the biggest challenge there being jobs.  Of the areas the 15B rep. covers, this is the most economically challenged.  With unemployment hovering around 7%, and the lowest average family income of the district, this area will need some help.  Like much of 15B, the northern regions have much to gain from improved broadband infrastructure. 

Lakin and Morrill townships remind me of the Orrock township of my youth, small close-knit family farms.  My prayer is to improve the economics of the area without destroying the ambiance.